Elections Cameroon (Elecam): Director General refutes allegations of owing salaries and other allowances to workers

The Director General of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) has made things clear concerning certain issues raised in a recent memorandum some workers of Elecam wrote to the President of the Republic concerning their working conditions and specifically financial difficulties they have been going through.

Abdoulaye Babale, while talking to the press during the opening ceremony of a three day seminar on the organization and management of elections within the framework of a pluralistic democracy in the country, said since the beginning of the functioning of Elecam, the structure has paid regular salaries to its workers right up to date.

In the memorandum, the workers indicated that they are still owed some arrears and wants it to be paid. The Elecam boss reacting on this said it is true that some arrears are still being owed, which is the case with other public parastatals but hinted that over 75% of the arrears both advancement and reclassification arrears have been paid and the remaining 35% will be completed in the months ahead. To him the delay in the payment is due to the fact that the calculations must be checked and cross-checked to avoid errors . In his concluding statement the Director General of Elections drew the attention of the public on the fact that Elecam has no financial problems contrary to widespread rumors that the institution was unable to pay rents and workers’ salaries.

The seminars that held simultaneously in Yaounde, Douala and Garoua have as objective to reinforce the capacities of Elecam staff ahead of this year’s elections as well as upgrade the capacities of heads of Elecam council branches.

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